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Understanding the environment and business of energy

We work with developers, operators and financiers in the energy sector to understand and resolve environmental issues on projects. We deliver solutions through understanding, insight and a pragmatic, business driven approach. We have a proven track record in undertaking environmental impact assessments, environmental audits, ecological appraisals, social impact assessments, gaining Board approval for projects, due diligence and engaging with stakeholders and regulators.

Our clients have experienced increased project economics of 20% and reduced project timescales of 15%. We have consented over 20 energy projects across multiple technologies.

Environmental challenges in energy projects are getting ever more complex. There are frequently a range of issues to be addressed:

  • Technical complexity.

  • Regulatory uncertainty.

  • Complex natural eco-system interactions.

  • Explaining and communicating the key issues to a range of decision makers within organisations including CEO’s, Boards of Directors, funders and committees.

  • Balancing the input of a diverse range of scientists, engineers, stakeholders and regulators.

  • Complying with rigorous environmental legislation.

  • Managing reputation.

  • Lack of reliable, dependable resource.

All the while, being expected to deliver these complex projects on time, within budget and to meet business plan targets and commercial drivers. It is far from easy.

We can work with you to resolve these challenging issues.
By using McAleese & Associates (UK) Ltd, you will gain:

  • Unique solutions to your environmental challenges which reflect your circumstances and aspirations;

  • Speed and efficiency because I will personally take a project director role in every engagement we undertake;

  • Knowledge and best practice gained from 20 years of professional experience in the energy sector;

  • Exposure to expertise derived from other projects and technologies;

  • Provision of specific environmental skills and experience which is either non-existent or in short supply within your organisation;

  • A unique perspective as my position is both independent and objective; and

  • The ability to meet short term goals and delivery on quick turnaround projects which require a specialist input;

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