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Stuart provides Expert Witness services in terms of renewable energy disputes, litigation and arbitration.

Renewable energy company’s often act in an international context. It is a challenging, volatile and complex environment with investments being high value, high risk and using progressively innovative technology. Increasingly, developers and financiers are exposed to growing political, economic and technological risk with escalating state intervention and competition for increasingly constrained resources. In this operating context, disputes are sometimes unavoidable.

When a dispute occurs, barristers, developers and financiers need an expert who understands how projects are developed, their risk profiles, the spend profile and with first-hand experience of the decision environment that a developer is in whilst the project is being progressed.

As an experienced energy project development professional, I can advise litigants on the merits of their case when appointed pre-action as well as advising on matters after proceedings have commenced. Typically, cases have a high volume of documentation with complex, disputed facts.

Our Approach

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I offer advice around developing renewable energy projects across a range of geography’s and technology’s. This covers:

  • project development activities

  • project planning;

  • development finances;

  • cost profiles review;

  • risk management;

  • environmental due diligence

I can act as a single expert or feed into joint expert representations. I provide a range of professional services such as:

  • handling joint expert meetings;

  • reviewing documentary evidence;

  • report preparation;

  • review of third-party evidence;

  • giving oral evidence in dispute resolution and litigation settings