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My roots are very firmly in the environment and I am able to offer a range of services aimed at a spectrum of clients.

Diagnostics: Not sure where to start? You need our quick and easy diagnostic service to determine:

  • where you are in terms of your environmental baseline

  • key measures

  • overall staff attitudes

  • an overview of your communications and key messages

From this we develop a both short-term action plan and a longer term strategic route map.

Strategic Sustainability Integration (SSI): this our premium package. The Aston Martin of services we offer in this area.  The aims of this package are:

  • to fully integrate sustainability into your business operations

  • to deliver a payback on your investment within one year of implementation

  • to enhance your brand putting the environment into your strategic advantage

Participants will receive a year-long package of support which includes the following:

  • an environmental and sustainability baseline assessment and report

  • a strategy developed through workshops with key senior staff and implementation staff

  • a range of discreet projects delivered to meet the objectives of the programme

  • coaching of implementation staff

  • monthly meetings to review progress at operational and strategic levels

  • an end of project review

The initial one year period can be extended by mutual agreement if required. The fees for this are variable depending on the size of the company, its key challenges and aspirations.

Environmental Strategy: most organizations do not have a clear strategy on sustainability and the environment. Those who have fully embraced this have used it to drive their competitive advantage. We show you how.

Project Specific Services: These services are project specific and vary in scale and complexity:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Environmental Audit

  • Ecological Survey and Reporting

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