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We use 15 years of environmental issue resolution, project management and executive experience to help our energy clients achieve a sustainable solution to their environmental challenges. Our proven approach has seen successful resolution across a range of technologies. We offer fresh insights, practitioner experience and dedicated implementation.

We support clients at every stage in their energy projects:

  • Through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, we can identify and work with key specialists to determine the implications of certain projects or project-level activities which are likely to have a significant effect on the environment. EIA is typically started early in project planning and is used identify and assess potential environmental effects, inform a consideration of project or activity alternatives, and identify measures to reduce or avoid effects. We can project manage the process through screening, scoping, design, embedding mitigation and producing the relevant Environmental Statements (ES). Following on from this, we can manage appeals and contribute to any public inquiry;

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is becoming more prevalent in the energy industry. This is a process which seeks to identify pathways to enhance benefits to impacted communities whilst managing negative impacts via effective mitigation. We can manage this process and interface with regulators, stakeholders, local government and communities on your behalf;

  • During project development, we help clients to with developing the project concept designed to deliver the greatest financial return and maximised environmental enhancements with minimised consenting and business risk;

  • Ecological appraisals have a range of purposes including gathering existing site condition data, making a preliminary assessment of site suitability, identifying notable habitats, features or species and identifying potential constraints to development. We can undertake these surveys and recommend a pragmatic course of action based on the findings of the appraisal;

  • Detailed scoping of environmental issues and challenges to ensure multi-discipline interfaces are recognised, understood and accounted for;

  • Providing a unique input to the due diligence process. As we have over 15 years experience in developing energy projects, we can approach due diligence from the perspective of a developer providing insights and a bridge across legal, financial and technical due diligence disciplines. This gives you an experience based view of the key challenges of the project which assists you in making a sound investment decision;

  • Operational support on all aspects of environmental management associated with the energy industry. This includes discharging planning consents, developing risk registers, coordination of environmental surveys, stakeholder and regulator engagement, community consultation and policy impact assessments;

  • Working with Boards of Directors (BoD) and C-Suite executives, we can provide an interface between the project, the funders and yourselves. By understanding the issues as they relate to you, by giving insightful advice and by moving the project to a robust and defendable position, we can add significant value in terms of securing Board Resolutions to enable Financial Investment Decisions (FID);

  • Management of contractors within the overall project plan;

If you are a managing director or projects director in the energy industry and you are frustrated with your environmental challenges being unresolved, then contact me for a free consultation to identify your key issues and how I can help you get back on track.

To find out how McAleese & Associates can help you, please callĀ  0776 898 9375 or email us on stuart@mcaleeseassciates.co.uk.

Our Approach